Alimihan Seyti 132 years old

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Alimihan Seyti 132 years old

Alimihan Seyti 132 years old

On June 25, 2018, Alimhan Seyiti celebrated her 132nd birthday at her home in Kashgar, Xinjiang (China). Alimhan Seyiti, born June 25, 1886, is from Paikunwuyila Village, Kumxilike County, Shule County, Xinjiang,

Xinjiang has no mountains, no water, no lush green plains, and no full medical facilities. But there are so many centenarians on this dry land!

What magical power does he have?

With this question in mind, I have conducted various surveys on this subject. The results of the survey showed that these centenarians are no different from the elderly in other regions, except that they have a more natural diet.

The only difference is that for decades they have been drinking a local magic drink: camel milk!

What’s so good about camel milk?

The environment in Xinjiang is arid and the Gobi deserts are plentiful. The bigger the animals, the harder it is to survive here. Only camels can. No food or drink for two months. Whether there are poisonous plants or not, camels are not afraid. Even cacti can be eaten with thorns. Camels live two or three times longer than the lifespan of cattle and sheep.

The magic is that her food has a lot of salt, but she never has high blood pressure.

Blood sugar is extremely high, but diabetes never.

The precious thing about this miraculous animal is its camel milk. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, it had the reputation of “Platinum Damo”.

Camel milk provides vitality and strengthens muscles and bones.

The Kazakh medical history of traditional Chinese medicine “also reports:” Camel milk nourishes, calms nerves, nourishes vitality, detoxifies and can restore all kinds of diseases and weaknesses. “


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