CAM cancer and leukemia


CAM cancer and leukemia

Camel milk against cancer and leukemia

The use of camel milk in the treatment of cancer and leukemia has a scientific basis. The experiments were carried out at the University of Sharjah and the Cancer Institute in Baghdad by a group of researchers led by Sabah Jasem.

During research into studying the composition of milk, an active substance has been isolated that cleanses the body of compounds that cause cancer to develop. The fact is that camels have one of the most perfect immune systems, which fights not only against external infectious agents and foreign substances, but also against aggression of the body to itself. The treatment is based on a balanced treatment regimen based on the proportions of camel milk and camel urine.

A combined treatment regimen of camel milk and camel urine is used by oriental medicine in the treatment of cancer, oncological and skin diseases, hepatitis, stomach diseases, tuberculosis, allergic diseases, osteoporosis and other bone diseases, diabetes, allergic diseases, dropsy, cirrhosis of the liver. And this is not a complete list of human ailments to be cured, which camel milk and urine help cure.

Chronic gastritis

Camel milk is a unique natural remedy for chronic gastritis, its use contributes to the arrest of the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane and normalizes the acidity of gastric juice.

Fresh milk is taken on an empty stomach, 200 ml 30 minutes before meals (or instead of breakfast, they are limited to taking fresh milk), 2 to 3 times a day. The indicated volume of 200 ml is achieved gradually, from 50 ml per dose, depending on individual tolerance, within 5 to 7 days. After 2-3 days there is an improvement, with good tolerance the minimum duration of consumption of fresh milk is 1 month. The most important condition for the effectiveness of the treatment of gastritis is strict adherence to a moderate diet, with the exception of spicy, fried, salty, fatty, rough foods (having a mechanical effect on the gastric mucosa).


From research and clinical trials conducted by scientists, it has been found that camel milk contains a significant amount of insulin-like proteins, which, unlike artificially synthesized insulin, does not is not destroyed in the stomach and completely enters the bloodstream, creating an antidiabetic effect. in the body. As we know, due to the acidity of gastric juice, insulin, if taken orally, quickly breaks down and does not help the patient. Therefore, it is not possible to produce insulin, which people might receive in the form of food, not by injection.

Clinical trials in people with type 1 diabetes have shown that a daily intake of 0.5 liters of camel milk reduces the need for drugs containing insulin by an average of 30%. The greatest therapeutic effect is achieved with the combined consumption of camel milk and urine. Camel urine drastically lowers the sugar levels of patients. Camel milk and urine have long been used as medicines for diabetics.


The unique medicinal properties of camel milk are due to the active natural chemical ingredients it contains, such as alpha-hydroxy acids, ascorbic acid, proteins, antioxidants, proteins and immune complexes, vitamins A, vitamins B, carotenes, antibacterial agents.

The natural combination of all of these and many other biologically active natural components helps soften and reject psoriatic plaques, relieve inflammation and itching, and reduce proliferative activity in the affected epidermis. The pronounced antibacterial properties of camel milk are also of great importance in the treatment.


Studies have been carried out on the active use of camel milk in people with autism. Doctors Yosef Schabo, Reuven Barzel, Mark Margulis and veterinarian Dr Reuven Yagil of the Maccabi hospital department explain in their research that camel milk, devoid of beta-casein and beta-lactoglobulin, is an essential product for people with autism .

In addition, immunoglobulins and the protective proteins it contains help brain development. Research conducted on the effects of camel milk on children with autism of different age groups, the results of the case studies were very convincing and proved that camel milk did show an improvement in their communication and communication skills. their brain functions.


Camel milk is hypoallergenic and does not contain ingredients that can cause allergies. With severe food allergies, it can restore the immune system in adults and children. Scientists in the Israeli city of Beer Sheva came to such conclusions following a small study of eight small patients aged 4 months to 10 years.

The composition of camel milk is very different from that of other ruminants. It consists of completely homogenized polyunsaturated fatty acids, which gives it a uniform white color. Lactose (milk sugar) is present in camel milk at a concentration of 4.8%, but it is easily absorbed by people with lactose intolerance.

The proteins in camel’s milk play the most important role in treating food allergies, researchers say, as it lacks beta-lactoglobulin and various beta-caseins – the very components of cow’s milk that cause allergies. Camel milk is rich in vitamin C, calcium and iron, and also contains a number of immunoglobulins (antibodies) compatible with human antibodies and micromolecules that can easily enter the bloodstream through the intestinal wall.

In addition to all this, camel milk is recommended for use by absolutely all people, of all ages, as an excellent functional food product to improve all pro

Boost immunity

Camel milk contains antibodies and immunoglobulins, which makes the body resistant to a wide range of diseases and the invasion of foreign particles. Regular consumption of camel milk greatly increases and strengthens the immune potential of the body.

The main function of immunoglobulins is to protect the body against autoimmune diseases, allergies and certain types of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Camel milk can be drunk daily just to increase the strength of the immune system.


Women who have the opportunity to systematically make masks from camel milk should definitely use it, cosmetologists say. Because this valuable product contains not only vitamin C and antioxidants, but also six fatty acids. And all of them are very effective in the fight against wrinkles.

This statement allowed scientists to make a long-term experimental study, which showed that camel milk is resistant to wrinkles. In fact, there is nothing surprising about this, as camel milk contains calcium, vitamin C, and antioxidants. It also contains 6 fatty acids, which actively resist skin aging and prevent the development of skin diseases. Daily washing with camel milk or compresses with towels dipped in camel milk will make your skin look youthful and faded for years to come.


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