CAM Dalgona coffee


CAM Dalgona coffee

    • 1 Electric mixer
    • 2 Cul-de –poules
    • 4 Cocktail glasses
    • 1 Whisk

  • 20 g. Camel milk powder
  • 60 Cl. Lukewarm water
  • 15 g. Freeze-dried instant coffee
  • 20 Cl. Boiling water
  • 10 g. Brown Sugar
  • 12 Pieces Ice Cubes
  1. Put the freeze-dried instant coffee in a bowl
  2. Add the brown sugar
  3. Add it to the boiling point and use the electric mixer until you obtain a smooth foam
  4. In the second bowl, put the powdered camel milk and add lukewarm water little by little while whisking (with a manual whisk)
  5. Put 3 ice cubes in each glass
  6. Pour in the lukewarm camel milk
  7. Then pour in the coffee foam
  8. Drink fresh


South Korea
Dalgona coffee

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