Camel milk and diabetics

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Camel milk and diabetics

Camel milk has beneficial effects on diabetic patients, study reveals

A new study conducted by researchers at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has shown the beneficial effects of camel milk on diabetic patients.

The research, examining the anti-diabetic properties of camel milk that was recently published by UAE professors, revealed that bioactive peptides extracted from camel milk have positive effects on the human insulin receptor and glucose transport in cells.
Camel milk is a popular commodity in the UAE and many parts of the world. It is known for its therapeutic properties against a multitude of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. It is also widely noted that camel milk reduces the dose of insulin needed to induce glycaemic control and improves fasting blood glucose levels. The anti-diabetic properties of camel milk have been studied by many researchers around the world. However, the molecular basis of these properties and the exact active agent are still elusive.
The latest study entitled
The study aimed to identify the bioactive anti-diabetic agent(s) from the protein fractions of camel milk and understand its mode of action at the molecular level.
The research revealed for the first time the profiling and pharmacological actions of camel whey proteins and their derived peptide fractions on the human insulin receptor and their pathways involved in glucose homeostasis. “This sheds further light on the anti-diabetic properties of camel milk by providing the molecular basis for a strong rationale for the use of camel milk in diabetes management. In addition, another study also provided evidence for the anti-diabetic properties of camel milk proteins in which an anti-hyperglycaemic effect was demonstrated in diabetic rats,” said Dr Maqsood. “These results are very promising and could lead to a breakthrough in the fight against diabetes using camel milk functional products,” he added.
Similar research can lead to the emergence of a new generation of anti-diabetic compounds that can be used to formulate camel milk functional products; and therefore, studying the anti-diabetic properties of camel milk can help reduce the complications of diabetes and contribute to the fight against this chronic disease in the UAE and globally.
In addition, such discoveries play a vital role in the economic growth of the UAE, especially in the area of drug discovery related to camel milk-based diabetes treatments, as camels are considered a major economic resource in the country, according to the researchers.
The study represents one of the few reports providing additional scientific findings on whey protein hydrolysates with potential antidiabetic activity.


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