Camel milk medicine


Camel milk medicine

An anti-tuberculosis drug based on camel’s milk is being created in Astrakhan

Astrakhan State Medical University is working on the creation of a tuberculosis drug made from camel milk. Scientists isolate purified lactoferrin from the product. It is the name of a protein that has antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

According to the head of the chemistry department of the university, Professor Alexander Nikolaev, quoted by Astrakhan-24, camel milk is useful for lung diseases. But there are very few scientific articles on this subject. Scientists are convinced that the peptides in milk destroy the cell membrane of Koch’s bacillus, after which drug resistance does not develop.

Camel milk is purchased from farms in Baibek village, Krasnoyarsk district, Astrakhan region. Scientific work received a grant of 500 thousand rubles.

In December 2020, scientists at St. Petersburg State University found that vaccination against tuberculosis could reduce the rate of spread of the coronavirus. They found that the spread of COVID-19 is slower where there is a high percentage of people vaccinated against tuberculosis with the BCG vaccine. The vaccine itself alters the immune system so that the coronavirus infection is less severe.


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