Camel milk the popular beverage of celebrities


Camel milk the popular beverage of celebrities

Camel milk the fashionable drink of celebrities

It is considered a food of incredible nutritional value, thanks to its content of vitamin C, calcium and iron. it has become fashionable among public figures.

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Every year, an endless number of foods that we could never have imagined appear on the market. Have you heard of camel milk ?

A historical food

Although we now find it strange to drink camel milk, the truth is that in many Arab and African countries it has been consumed in large quantities since time immemorial. In fact, it is one more ingredient in the preparation of other dairy products like butter, cheese or yogurt. Some brands are even turning to it to produce their ranges of cosmetics . The reason for this reputation was revealed by a group of scientists, who discovered the power that camel milk had in reducing the risk of extremely serious diseases such as diabetes or certain types of cancer.

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Thus, after the results of several scientific journals which certify its nutritional value – greater than that of cow’s milk -, camel milk has become one of the flagship products of the Western market. So much so that different chains in the supermarkets United Kingdom have dared to market it. This warm welcome is already a reality thanks to the visibility given to it also by some of the most recognized celebrities on the international scene, such as Kim Kardashian , who shared the experience through her Instagram profile. < / p>

Moreover, despite what many may believe, in Spain we are no strangers to this trend. In Fuerteventura, there is the Oasis Park zoological complex, the largest camel population in all of Europe , coming directly from Africa 500 years ago. This served as an object of study at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​which since 2004 analyzes the properties of the said drink. And it seems the results are most telling. What qualities does camel milk have in store for us?

Against allergies and diabetes

According to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, camel milk has a total of 48 calories per 100 grams of product, that is, a very interesting drink for those who want to take care of their line. In addition, it has in its ranks nutrients so necessary for our body such as vitamins A, B and C , calcium, iron and potassium. All this collection of values ​​leads to a series of very attractive advantages:

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As we have seen previously, camel milk is an excellent ally in reducing the effects of diabetes . A study published in the prestigious ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ found that children with diabetes who made up the sample and who drank camel milk saved between 9 and 13 units of insulin per day . And it is that this drink has properties similar to this hormone.

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Remember also that this powerful elixir is able to help us ward off certain food allergies . As is known, cow’s milk causes this reaction in many children due to the beta-lactoglobulin and beta-casein that it includes in its composition. Two proteins that are not part of camel milk. And not only that, it also strengthens organic defenses .

In some places it is normal to drink unpasteurized camel milk, which contains a multitude of pathogens

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The fatty acids it contains, in particular conjugated linoleic acid , have very positive effects on cancer patients . However, this is an area that still has a long way to go to be 100% confirmed.

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On the other hand, sodium helps us to strengthen our muscles, firm , to appear more toned and certain parts of the body. As long as it is supplemented by regular physical exercise.

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And last but not least, vitamin B shares its antioxidant power by promoting the proper functioning of the digestive system , preserving the cognitive function of the brain, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease , by improving the joints and helping us control stress and anxiety. other functions.


These properties and its incredible flavor, sweeter and more fluid than that of cow’s milk, also coexist with some contraindications. For example, camel milk is often unpasteurized . The San Luis Institute of Medicine for Nature (ICM) studied the consumption of camel milk in northern Kenya – where 10% of the population drink this unpasteurized drink – finding a series of agents pathogens of animal origin in its composition. In addition, the virus has been found in the drink in some cases the origin of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Fortunately, the camel milk that arrives in our country has passed all the sanitary controls established by the competent authorities.

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