Camel milk

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Camel milk

Camel milk, a new food trend for Californian hipsters

It is known, Californians are fond of healthy products, always more original. Their latest crush? Camel’s milk, native to North Africa. Decryption.

Right now

In the food trend category, the 2017 originality award goes to camel milk. A flagship food product for African nomadic populations, this nectar is harvested from the udder of the female. This drink wasted no time in conquering American soil thanks to the initiative of a young entrepreneur: Walid Abdul-Wahab.

Once upon a time there were two men

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Walid had a brilliant idea. After partnering with Sam Hosteler, an Amish living in Vernon County in the United States, he decides to buy a deserted zoo and set up a rather unusual farm there. This will produce camel milk and will be called Desert Farm. Very quickly, the two farmers exported their product to the west coast of the country. The drink immediately seduced Californians, always in search of new trends.

A 100% healthy drink

A good alternative to cow’s milk, this nectar is more digestible, reduces the risk of food allergies and improves the immune system. It has a low amount of lactose, which helps reduce the risk of intolerance to this carbohydrate, found in cow’s milk. In addition to intestinal comfort, this drink is ten times richer in iron than cow’s milk and contains many nutrients: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin B and C.

A taste similar to cow’s milk

“Its taste is very similar to that of dairy cows. It still differs from the latter by being slightly salty. It is a refreshing and smooth drink on the palate “, describes Walid Abdul-Wahab on the brand’s website. Depending on the presence of more or less weak lactose, it can be sweet or slightly bitter. “People who taste it for the first time are initially surprised, because they don’t know what to expect. Then they tell me that ultimately it looks like the milk they take every morning, “continues the creator of Desert Farm.

Adopt this new trend

From Californian rapper Haitian Fresh to blogger Fitfooding to fitness coach Dan Wells, American crossfit star, Californian celebrities have named camel milk the must drink of the year. Good news for France, since the authorization of the European Union in 2011, it has been marketed in Europe.

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