The importance of camel milk immunoglobulins for the human body


The importance of camel milk immunoglobulins for the human body

The camel, an animal “immigrant” from the Americas, has perfectly demonstrated its tenacious vitality and its particular biological characteristics in Asia, Europe and Africa. Camels have strong tolerance to cold and heat, tolerance to thirst and hunger, strong feeding ability, adaptability to sandy soil, high blood sugar tolerance, rare detoxification ability and a very sensitive sense of smell.

In recent years, biologists around the world have explored the mystery of camels and discovered that the rich immunoglobulin in camel milk is the much sought-after nano-antibody, and that all vertebrates contain only camels and Sharks. Only this rare nanobody is contained in the camel. milk in mammals.

As we all know, as long as all organisms have strong immunity, their resistance to diseases and self-healing ability will be very strong, and how to improve immunity has always been the tireless pursuit of the profession medical. While there are many foods that can improve immunity around the world, the only food rich in nano-antibodies like camel milk is camel milk.

So what is the difference between the nanobodies rich in camel milk and ordinary antibodies? That is, the nano-antibody contained in camel milk has small size, unique structure, high affinity and high stability, and has strong cell / vascular penetration and binding capacity to l antigen.It can reach many traditional antibodies which are difficult to reach.Special area. Ordinary antibodies cannot penetrate tumor tissue and vascular barriers, so their effect is greatly reduced.

When the nano-antibody in camel milk builds a strong immune system from the deep layers of our body, the body’s self-healing system will be activated and the body tissues will gradually recover their function under the powerful system self-healing, and finally achieve the extended lifespan of the disease.

Therefore, the rich immunoglobulin contained in camel milk has an irreplaceable effect on the human body


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