The virtues of camel milk

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The virtues of camel milk

The virtues of camel milk

While the camel has been an animal exploited by nomadic peoples for millennia for its exceptional resistance to climatic conditions in the desert, their use of camel milk is less well known. However, its virtues for health are numerous!

1) An interesting food for diabetics

A study in India has shown that camel milk is made up of a specific protein that is similar to insulin. This protein is involved in regulating the level of glucose present in the blood of people suffering from diabetes and who regularly consume camel milk.

Richer than milk from cows, camel milk may be effective in improving the health of people with diabetes , those who suffer from a weak immune system or even cardiovascular problems . Camel milk would be the closest to breast milk in its composition. It would indeed meet human nutritional needs.

In nomadic society, camel milk is used to treat malnourished children.

2) Camel milk: an ally of the immune system

The proteins in camel’s milk are also able to fight against microbial invasions in the body. As a result, it supports the immune system by soliciting the immunoglobins present in its composition to neutralize bad germs.

Scientific research has shown that this milk can help people suffering from so-called autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis .

3) A food rich in iron

Camel milk contains 10 times more iron than cow’s milk in the same proportions.

It is for this reason that it ensures better oxygenation of the blood, allowing blood circulation to flow naturally and providing better immune resistance to people suffering from anemia.

4) Camel milk against allergies and lactose intolerance

People who are allergic and / or intolerant to lactose will also find their happiness in camel milk since it is non-allergenic and therefore effective in reducing their sensitivity.

5) A preventive food for heart disease

In the composition of camel milk, there are also complex fatty acids that improve the level of good cholesterol (LDL) in the body while reducing the presence of bad cholesterol (HDL).

Drinking camel milk would help prevent the risk of stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease.

6) A food that promotes digestion

People with fragile intestines or who have difficulty digesting may choose camel milk as it is very rich in probiotics, which are essential for healthy digestion.

A production promoting its benefits

Raised in its natural environment, the camel feeds mainly on the plants it encounters on its way, giving a particular quality to its milk. This contains nutrients that are not found in the milk of other animals such as cows or goats. It therefore brings more nutrients to our bones and organs.

Camel milk can be consumed in powder form, this does not change its virtues and its nutritional qualities. Transformed into powder, its transport and storage are more practical and allow us to consume it regularly despite its rarity.

Do not hesitate to learn more about the benefits of camel milk and to leave a comment if you have already tried!

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