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Camel milk has started to gain attention in many countries, and he displaces cow’s milk from his throne, and the number of people who drink it increases. Science continues to reveal its health benefits, as well as the depth of experience and expertise of the Bedouin who have consumed this milk since ancient times. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a huge source of natural insulin for diabetics. it is inferior to cow’s milk and slightly more saline, and it is the only animal milk close to human milk, that is, breast milk and its iron components are ten times that of milk from cow, and the vitamin C it contains is about three times that of cow’s milk.There are patients who have told of their experiences with this milk and have been cured of diseases such as colon cancer and cirrhosis liver.

The following report presents two examples from Pakistan and Jordan in which interest for camel milk increases. And in the details ..

Islamabad – Reuters:

Camel’s milk is gradually supplanting cow’s milk from its throne in Pakistan to find a prominent place on the podium next to him with the growing discourse about his health benefits, which is increasing the number of his drinkers every day compared to the previous one.

The sight of Bedouins selling fresh camel milk from an udder of camel for a roadside drinker has become common in many cities in Pakistan.

Studies in recent years have shown that camel milk – which is used by Bedouins for centuries – is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as an excellent source of natural insulin for people with diabetes.

A Pakistani who drank camel milk from a street vendor named Syed Qaiser stated that camel milk has healing properties. he is magnificent. Everyone should drink it. Its smell is not unpleasant. I drank it for the first time today. At first I hesitated a little but it’s like other milks. Others bring camel milk home, where they prefer to boil it over a fire before drinking it.

Those who drink camel milk say it is less fat than milk of cow and that it is sometimes slightly saltier.

For a year, Bedouin Mohammed Islam and his family have been selling camels or milk camel ride along the roads of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city.

Islam traveled to Karachi from his village in Medina in search of a better life for him and his family. Islam imagines that it serves the people by providing them with camel milk.

He said: This milk contains some excellent elements. It is useful for patients with diabetes, joint pain, black and yellow jaundice. It is beneficial for stomach and liver ailments as well as other ailments. Islam explained that he sells a liter of camel milk for 200 Pakistani rupees (about two dollars). Camel milk is recommended for patients with diabetes and hepatitis C. Sana Azfar, a Pakistani nutrition consultant, says camel milk has many benefits. Sana Azfar added to Reuters TV: It is the only animal milk close to human milk (breast milk). The iron components it contains are ten times higher than those of cow’s milk. It also contains about three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. Most importantly, we see that camel milk has an immune system. Camel milk has a very strong immune system.

She added that it contains anti-inflammatory substances that protect against cancer, especially colon cancer, which is very common nowadays. We have monitored those who drink camel milk and studies have shown that those who drink it regularly are cured of colon cancer. Nomads have been drinking camel milk for centuries. Somalia and Saudi Arabia are currently at the top of the list of camel milk producing countries.

Camel milk producers are looking to open new markets for it in countries like Kenya, Australia and the United States. A Pakistani man from Karachi who regularly drinks camel milk, Noor Nabi Shah, says drinking it regularly cured his liver disease.

“I had liver problems,” Shah told Reuters TV when ‘he bought camel milk in a store. It has already helped me. My liver was in poor condition and seems to be working fine at the moment. The analyzes were carried out in the laboratory. The results are good now.

Camels are known for their ability to resist and produce milk in the conditions the most difficult of the desert. The number of camels in the world is estimated at 18.58 million, including around one million camels raised in the desert areas of Pakistan.

Sell fresh directly from the udder of the camel

Jordanians invest in camel milk

Two young men bought 6 heads and set up their project on Airport Road

Salem Abu Al Fil: I brought camels from the desert to Oman for the milk for those who wanted

Amman – Asaad Al-Azouni:

While strolling in particular on Jordan Street, where are spread out villas and immense modern buildings , you are attracted by the presence of a tent next door, many camels, and with it a Sudanese expatriate who takes care of them, milks them and sells their milk to citizens.

There are also two young men, one a lawyer and the other a graduate in business administration, who decided to set up a new investment project of its kind. They bought 6 camel heads and chose the airport road as their investment location. The idea is to provide fresh camel milk for those who want it, as this project differs from others that you can drink milk directly from the udder of a camel.

Ali Ayed Al-Dahamshe said that the idea was part of his desire and of his partner to set up an investment project, stressing that many people preceded them to this idea, which is to sell camel milk, and that after a feasibility study they chose the airport road, which is characterized by a lot of movement on it and its diversity between Arabs and foreigners.

The banner visited a number of these sites, from Jordan Street to Ramtha in the north, and interviewed camel herders.

Muhammad Al-Sudani has stated that he is milking the camel for the first time at dawn and puts the milk in a refrigerator which he keeps outside his small tent, indicating that the customer is coming to order it, noting that the price of a liter reaches five dinars. , which is equivalent to seven and a half dollars.

He added that the demand is increasing day by day, indicating that the Camel milk when drunk for the first time causes confusion in the stomach, but becomes normal when drunk repeatedly.

While on tour of the flag a Mercedes car stopped and a man got out and asked for three liters of camel milk. Asked about the purpose of buying it, he replied that drinking it cured many diseases, as doctors say, especially cancer, diabetes, back pain and osteoporosis.

Young Salem Abu Al-Fol said he is investing in camels and sells their milk, and brings his camels from the outskirts of the desert to Amman and resides in the Jordan Street neighborhood near villas and huge buildings, indicating that he does so to alleviate the pain and suffering of patients who cannot not come to where he originally lived on the outskirts of the desert.

He added that some citizens were buying fresh milk, indicating that a camel was milking two to three times a day, and his milk quantity is estimated at around five liters, revealing that some citizens are contacting him two days ago to buy milk by the advice method.

Dr Mansour Shamry stated that there is a scientific study which found that the percentage of fat in it is lower than that of cow’s milk, and camel’s milk contains substances that are resistant to toxins and bacteria, and a large percentage of immune bodies that are resistant to disease, all the more that its milk is used by the Bedouins in the treatment of many diseases. .

He added that the camels grazing in the desert depend for their food on medicinal herbs, and that humans eat them with milk, and that some of these herbs are useful for abdominal diseases.

There are scientific studies indicating that give to people with stomach ulcers daily meals containing camel milk helps to cure them as it is an effective treatment, and it is also treatment for patients with duodenal ulcers and reduces the incidence of various cancerous tumors.

It is also considered a tonic for the body and eyesight compared to milk sheep, goat and cow, because the special fat it contains consists of short chain fatty acids, which confirms the importance of this milk in children’s diets, because the body uses these fatty acids with few carbon atoms to build other fatty compounds more easily than milk. Breaking down the long chains found in long chain fatty acids, which is why desert dwellers are eager to feed their children camel milk and often prefer it to breast milk.

Alternative medicine expert Dr Salem Al-Badawy said that Camel milk contains a large group of vitamins and minerals compared to breast milk and the rest of other animals. It contains chlorine, sodium, phosphate, calcium, nitrates, magnesium, potassium and iron, in addition to a group of vitamins.

In another context, Mahmoud Al-Sudani said that the strange and funny thing is that the camel is not milked except after calling the dialogue, which is the little camel for nursing first, then the camel is milked and her milk is placed in metal. containers and drunk hot, and if left later it should be boiled.

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