Why is camel milk effective against acne?

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Why is camel milk effective against acne?

Camel milk has some truly amazing properties which may explain why it has been used successfully to combat acne.

Homogenized fats

The fats in camel milk are very finely homogenized, so that camel milk care products are easily absorbed. Camel milk skin care products do not block pores or worsen acne symptoms.

Vitamins A and C

Camel milk contains natural vitamins A and C in less astringent forms than the synthesized acids used in many skin care products. Retinol is a synthesized vitamin A and retinoid creams are often prescribed for the treatment of acne. In cosmetics, retinol is used to help unclog pores and accelerate cell renewal. The synthesized retinal can be irritating, especially on damaged skin.

Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant. Again, the vitamin C in camel milk is completely natural and not synthesized.

Long chain fatty acids

The long chain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in camel milk are anti-inflammatory, hydrating and nourishing. Camel milk cleansers do not have the drying effect of common acne products; in fact, it is the opposite. They hydrate at the same time as cleansing.

Protective proteins

Camel milk contains complex and unique protective proteins that can help reduce inflammation and irritation. Camel milk can be used topically on spots, pimples and cysts.

Alpha-hydroxy acids

The alpha hydroxy acids in milk, especially lactic acid, gently peel and remove dead skin cells, helping to eliminate a root cause of acne; dead skin cells blocking hair follicles.

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