World Camel Day


World Camel Day

Why is World Camel Day on June 22?

The camel is one of the most important farm animals for food security in the face of climatic disasters. It is sustainably farmed with the lowest ecological footprint and produces one of the unique foods, camel milk. Camel milk is considered the natural pharmacy.

Unfortunately, the camel is little praised and valued for its role as food security cattle. The camel is still neglected at all levels by policy makers and very little attention is paid to R & amp; D projects at national, regional and global levels.

The good thing is that the camel turns again to its original task, the milk camel. New camel dairies are emerging in both old and new camel habitats.

This feedback is mainly materialized by the efforts of the author and his colleagues, bringing the camel to all levels and making the research results understandable and practicable.

“The camel provides the subsistence of its guardians in difficult environments”.

Dr Younas

One of the most important milestones in these achievements is World Camel Day, June 22.

Dr Raziq

Why did we choose the date of June 22?

In its original habitat, June 21 is the longest and hottest day of the year in the northern hemisphere of the globe.

The camel maintains its productive capabilities in such harsh and hostile environments and adapts to the rising heat and long thirsty days. So we decided to skip the 21st and chosen June 22 as World Camel Day.

The difference in day length is only 2 seconds between June 21 and 22.


Prof. Dr Abdul Raziq Kakar

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